Aria Pack Machine is a leader in automatic bagging solutions for pre-made pouch bags. All systems are designed to automatically open, fill and seal a wide range of pouches including stand-up, pillow, 4-side sealed, 3-side sealed and quad pouches with zippers.

Our solutions are available in two models :
  • Our  pouch machine is designed to handle pre-made pouch bags for mid level production rates up to 900 bags per hour
  • Our  linear bagger is pre-made pouch machine for speed of up to 2500 bags per hour.
Stand Up bag fill & seal machine

Key features

  • New generation frame design and build
  • No hole or gap ensure hygienic and easy clean
  • Heavy duty 304SUS material build-up
  • Multi-pouches format application
  • Interlock safety for USA or Euro market
  • Easy operation and adjustment
  • Top quality finish and workmanship
  • Auto Pouch pickup-filling-sealing
  • Auto pouch detection
  • No pouch, no dump
  • Omron PLC, Omron PID temperature controller
  • Omron touch screen and SMC Pneumatic components


  • Stand Up Resealable performed pouch
  • Stand Up pouch
  • Resealable ziplock pouch
  • Flat Pouch / 3 Sided sealed pouch
  • Box Pouch with Zipper
  • Non Zip lock Pouch


  • pouch type :flat sachet, doypack, doypack with zipper
  • material: granule, powder, liquid, paste, coffee bean, pet food
  • Bag width: 120mm ≤ W ≤ 250 mm
  • Bag length: 140mm ≤ L ≤ 300 mm
  • Speed: 6-15 bags / min
  • Power supply: 110V, 50HZ/60Hz, 1 phase, 4A
  • Gas source: 0.5m3/min, 0.65Mpa