• The linear weigher is developed for precise and high-speed quantitative weighing packaging system.
    It is suitable for weighing grain, stick, slice, globose, irregular shape products such as candy,
    chocolate, jelly, pasta, melon seeds, roasted seeds, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, nuts,
    coffee bean, chips ,raisins, plum, cereals and other leisure foods, pet food, puffed food, vegetable,
    dehydrated vegetables ,fruits, sea food, frozen food, small hardware, etc.

Key features

  • All parts that contact with filling products are made by SUS 304# and polishing dispose.
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Tool-free install, dismantle and clean
  • Easy operation and low maintenance
  • Coarse and fine feeding material control
  • Different administrator levels management
  • PLC + Touch screen control system
  • Free parameter adjusting during running
  • Up to 10 product recipes preset
  • The Weighing hopper has the Eject function to release the Overweight
  • The Ario Weigher can do the cleanup by itself after daily production by the weighing hopper
  • All the component part can be quick release.