A multi-head weighing machine (sometimes called a combination weighing machine) is a computer-controlled machine used to fill a package with small products or parts with a given target weight. This machine has a wide range of applications in the food industry for packaging pasta, cereals, snacks, candies, vegetables, and even for packing poultry pieces and beef. Its applications cover also the packaging of non-food items, for instance, clips, nails, screws and a variety of other small hardware item.

The combination scale is used to achieve two primary goals.

1. High accuracy requirements
2. High production rates
The multi-head weigher should always be considered for projects requiring more than 30 packages per minute.
Smart Ariomultiheadweighers have been designed to meet the increasing demands of precision and speed during the weighing process of difficult products. The top cone conveys the product to the vibrator chutes by means of vibration. The vibrator chutes vibrate the product into the assembling pans by means of time and amplitude control.
The multiheadweigher can be divided in up to four separate product zones so it can be used to make exact mixes of the products. With Smart Ariomultiheadweighers you get a well-proven and reliable weighing machine. we can offer you a machine that will meet your specific demands and ensure optimal handling of your product.
Smart Ariomultiheadweighers have been designed to meet the increasing demand for precision and speed of the weighing process. We believe in solving complicated portion weighing tasks through the simplest possible solutions. In addition, our solutions offer reduced giveaway and increased capacity.